Short story: From Kuala Lumpur with love

Kuala Lumpur, here I am. Back again after such a long time. Why did I ever leave you? The hot sun and the humid air greeted me back this morning when I got off the plane. Not the aspects I really missed. No, I am back because of her. The only one who has been on my mind since last time I was here. And tonight I will see her again. Feel her soft flesh on my lips.

The train is slowing down and the female announcer is calling out the next station. “Ampang Park.” The doors open before me and the train is filling up with sweaty bodies. I try to ignore their looks. Yes, a white guy in your country. Deal with it. I position myself a bit more back and feel the full blast of the air conditioning. The soft cool air helps me think. If I get out at KLCC park, then I can walk to Bukit Bintang with that new pedestrian walkway. I will see her again. My whole body longs for her.

I am not here to see the Petronas towers or to shop at the KLCC mall. I need to get to Jalan Alor. I need to get to her. The train slows down again and the announcer whispers the name of my end station. I smile and get out. She is so close. I can almost touch her rough skin. Just a thirty minute walk in this heat. But I will do it. I need to do it.

My heart beats like there is no tomorrow. Jalan Alor, here I am. She is so close now. The smell of all the food hits me like a wall of bricks. It smells and feels alive. The scent has entered my lungs and activated my brain. Everything comes together now. A grin is formed and rests upon my face. This is it, baby. Daddy is home. It is very busy and everyone tries to talk to me.
“Please, some nice food for you, sir!”
“Take a table, sir. Look at this menu!”
“Sir, great food awaits you here.”
I am doing my best to ignore their broken English. I am not hungry. Not for their food. I am hungry for her love. I want to drown in her smell.

I stop and see her before me. An old Asian man is sitting next to her. Our eyes meet. We don’t exchange words. Just currency. He is the type of man that is someone’s grumpy uncle. Unker, as people around here call someone like him. No words. But I don’t care. I finally have her in my arms. Slowly I start to stroke her skin and move my nose over her body. God, she smells divine. How can anyone say that you smell? My angel.

The old grumpy man looks up to me and started to motion me to go away. Something about scaring away customers with the smell. I refuse to listen to this “Unker”. I know our love is forbidden, but I longed for it. All those months without you. All the dreams I had in which I saw you in the distant. Just out of reach. But now, now I have you in my arms again. God, you are so moist inside. I start to lick your flesh and taste your sweetness in my mouth. I might have moaned. I don’t care. We are together again.

A few tourists walk past me and I hear a giggle. “He must really love Durians.” I hear one of them say and I can’t help but smile. Yes, I do love her. My forbidden Durian love.

Credits to Ekay for this incredible drawing




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