Short stories: Darkness within

There he was. Alone. In the darkness. He tried to remember how long it has been? Maybe a year. Maybe longer. A strange feeling of loneliness entered his brain. Still, the darkness was comforting him somehow. He remembered when he was younger. The time when he always feared the darkness. Laying in his bed, watching the shadows dancing around him. It was not the shadows themselves that frightened him. It was what was casting them. He never knew what they were.

His stomach growled. How long ago was it since he ate something? His memory failed him. Only images of big bowls of spaghetti appeared before his eyes. With tiny meatballs. Just slurping those long strings of pasta with his mother’s special tomato sauce.

His mother. Somewhere in his mind there was the memory of her face. She was beautiful. At least, in his memory. It has been so long ago. And the darkness does things to your memory. Clouds the events of the past. Blurs the faces of the ones you loved.

There were no windows here. Only darkness. In his mind fantasies popped up about how the outside world would look like now. Maybe it has become that nuclear wasteland he always saw on the television. Or maybe the alien invasion had finally happened. Or time travel could be a thing now and the whole world was now occupied by knights, pirates, and vikings. He would love to see that. But he can’t. There was only darkness.

A flash of light blinded him for a minute and the door before him opened. A familiar face appeared. Mother.

“There you are. Stop hiding in the closet. I have been looking all over for you the past hour. Sigh, I can’t wait till school starts again. Now get out and play with your toys. Just wait till I tell your dad about this.”

There he was. Sitting in the living room. Thinking about his next big adventure.




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