Short stories: White fangs in the moonlight

A big school book dropped on the wooden desk. The noise echoed through the empty classroom. Jeremy slowly opened his eyes and tried to focus his gaze. “Wake up, sleeping beauty.” Jeremy sighed and slowly rose from his uncomfortable sleeping position on the desk. “What is it, Bernie?
The small teenager next to him smiled and corrected his glasses. His slick dark hair looked greasy. With a wave of his hand he made sure it was no longer dangling before his face.
“It is good to see that you are getting something out of this class. Mister Benton was extremely dull today. Like totally dull.”
Jeremy laughed and put his sunglasses back on his nose. He always wore them. It was his thing. And the other teens accepted it as his thing. That is why Jeremy was considered a cool guy.
“Yeah, did I miss anything?”
Bernie shrugged and grabbed a chair to sit next to his friend. “Just that the new dude is still a fucking creep. He asked a lot of weird questions today. That guy is so fucking obsessed with dead things. He even asked mister Benton how long blood would stay good if it was taken out of a body. The fuck, man?”
Jeremy laughed and played with a cigarette between his fingers. “Easy there. He is just really interested in biology.”
“Or he is a fucking vampire.”
Jeremy’s sunglasses slided down his nose, while he tried to make eye contact with his friend. “Dude, we talked about this. Just because he looks like one, doesn’t mean he is one. Vampires are not real.”
Bernie opened his mouth, but before he could say anything the door behind him opened. There stood a long slender man, pale skin, and slick combed-back hair.
“I am sorry if I interrupt. I just wanted to introduce myself properly to you two.”
Bernie stood up and looked at the extended hand of the pale teenager dressed in black. Jeremy sighed, grabbed the hand, and gave it a proper handshake. “I am Jeremy. And this sleazeball is Bernie. Welcome to the neighbourhood.” The teenager smiled. Jeremy gathered a glimpse of the perfect white teeth. “My name is Viktor. My English is not the best, but I am working on that.”
“Where you from, dude?” asked Jeremy. “Hungary. My father got a new job here so we moved to America. It has been quite a trip.” “Bet he has some soil of his native land at home.” whispered Bernie. “That is cool, dude.”Jeremy interrupted, just to make sure Viktor did not pick up on that remark. “Ha Ha Ha, Yes. But I wanted to invite you two to my home tonight. For a nice evening with some movies. I have some great horror movies from Hungary.” Jeremy stepped towards Bernie and slammed his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “I think that would be a great idea, right Bern?” Bernie tried to smile and nodded. “Good, then I will see you guys this evening.” Viktor handed Jeremy a piece of paper with the address. “Thanks, it is going to be cool.” said Jeremy with a big grin.

The goth left the two teens. Jeremy laughed and picked up his bag. His friend adjusted his glasses again. “Why would he invite us to his home?”
Jeremy shrugged. “To be nice, maybe? He is a stranger looking for friends.”
“Friends? Vampires don’t need friends. They need to be invited in, so they can snack on your veins. That is what they do. Mostly to girls. I thought vampires always went for the college girls. We are not college girls, Jeremy. Unless…”
His friend sighed. “Unless what?”
“Unless he is a gay vampire.”
“For fuck sake, Bern. Stop it, please. I am going home and get a shower. I will see you at eight at his place.” Bernie’s hand went through his greasy black hair. “Just make sure you bring some garlic, dude!”

The moon was full and the streets were empty. In the distance the sounds of the everlasting barking dog echoed through the evening. Before the two friends was the house of Viktor. The iron fence opened with a loud creaking noise. Bernie looked at his friend. There was fear in his eyes. “I am telling you, man. If the gay vampire tries anything, I smack his head in and stuff his face with garlic. I might even pray.” Jeremy sighed and knocked on the door. “No worries, Bernie the vampire slayer. The dude is fine.” Slowly the door opened. “Ah, my friends. Come in.” Jeremy smiled. “Thank you.”

The room was barely lit and the curtains were closed. Only a small beam of moonlight penetrated the heavy curtains. “Please, sit down. I will go in the kitchen and prepare the popcorn.” Bernie sat down on the couch and looked at his friend. “I will help you. Be right back, Bern.” Bernie nodded. A strange smell penetrated his nose. It smelled foul. Almost rotten. Next to the couch stood a small wooden table with a stuffed cat. The small plaque beneath had a name inscribed on it. “Minouchka.” Bernie whispered to himself. Suddenly a loud bang came from the kitchen. His heartbeat rose. He could feel the rhythm in his throat. “Guys, is everything okay.” But there was no answer. Slowly he stood up and walked towards the kitchen. With every step his heartbeat became faster and faster. His palms were gushing with sweat. He looked into the kitchen. He saw it. As clear as day. In the light of the full moon. There he stood, surrounded by the remains of a big bowl of popcorn. Holding the body of his victim. His white teeth slowly detached from the bloodied neck and with a smack the body fell to the floor. Bernie wanted to scream, but he couldn’t. Slowly the creature turned and readjusted his sunglasses. “I told you not to worry about him. He truly is not a vampire.” Jeremy smiled and the moonlight reflected on his bloodied white fangs. “But I have to tell you, he sure was tasty.”




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