Short story: Out of tunes

“I want to know what love is. I want you to show me.” Irma smiled and typed away on her keyboard. The small radio next to her filled the office with some classic tunes. This must have been the best idea she had in ages. She looked next to her and saw Ibrahim the intern bobbing along with the music. It was cute. Might even be the first time he is hearing this kind of music. She looked past her monitor and saw her colleague Bob trying to finish some reports. He must be loving this. Yes, this must be the best idea she ever had.

Dave slammed his hands on his desk and stood up.
“Irma, please switch off that machine from hell.”
“Ah, come on, Dave. It is just a bit of music.”
“Then buy some headphones. I would gladly pay for them. Please, I really don’t want to hear that music anymore.”
She looked surprised at her manager.
“What is the problem, Dave?”
“The problem is that I am hearing all the junk that I try to avoid on a day to day basis. Crap like Beyonce and Coldplay.”
Bob looked up from his desk and raised his hand.
“There is nothing wrong with Coldplay.”
Dave let out a small growl and turned his attention to Bob.
“Bob, there is a lot wrong with Coldplay. Shut up and finish that report. I need it for my four o’clock meeting.”
Irma sighed and shook her head.
“There are other radio stations. I can find one with other music. You don’t have to act like this, Dave. Lets just all enjoy these fine tunes together.”
She turned the knob before Dave could even reply and Katy Perry’s voice blasts out of the speakers. Dave slammed his hand in his face and gave it a good rub.
“Oh sure, why not? Let’s change to the channel with Katy fucking Perry.”
Bob raised his hand again.
“Well, she has some great tits.”
Ibrahim nodded in agreement. Dave sighed loudly, as if he wanted to make a point
“Bob, I still need that report. And her bust size has nothing to do with this discussion. I want that radio gone. We are a proper office. If you want to listen to music, then please, keep it to yourself and don’t drown our ears with your filth.”
Irma felt her face turning red. This was the best idea ever. How dares he?
“I think, Dave, that you are just angry, because you and your wife are fighting again. Don’t bring your anger to the office, Dave.”

There it was. Total silence. Ibrahim looked at Dave’s face and back to Irma’s. Irma’s passive aggressive tone was still echoing in Dave’s head. Especially the way she had said his name. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

“Ibrahim, open the window.”
Irma’s eyes widened.
“Dave, don’t you dare!”
“Open the window, Ibrahim.”
The intern looked around and tried to find a way out.
“But, but…”
“Ibrahim, don’t you worry. I will sign all your hour slips for school instead of Irma. Just open that fucking window.”
The young student stood up and opened the window. He felt strange. As if his whole body was waiting to see what was going to happen. He was enjoying this more than he liked to acknowledge. He felt alive.

Dave took a step forward and grabbed the small radio. Irma tried to stop him, but he was too fast. Their eyes met with an intense stare. A smirk appeared on Dave’s face.
“Well, Irma, looks like I will kill the radio star.”
And with that he threw the radio out of the window.

A small crash was audible from outside. Everyone sat down again in silence. Irma sniffed and looked at her colleagues, but there were no words left. Dave killed the music.

Ibrahim opened the door of his house and walked in. His mother just took a sip of her tea.
“Ah, how was your first day at your internship? Learned some good things?”
Ibrahim smiled. “Smashing, mom. It was smashing.”




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