Short story: Relation gap

The light of the television illuminates the room and dances around on the walls of the living room. She sighs and changes the channel again. The screen flickers and displays the latest videoclip of that very populair band. The band that she actually really dislikes. The door of the living room opens before she was able to change the channel.
“So, what are we going to do this weekend?”
Her boyfriend sits next to her on the couch and takes a sip of his beer. A little foam stays behind is his beard. She drops the remote and as serious as she could she replied.
“Vodka? What do you mean?”
“Well, like every weekend I let myself being led by vodka.”
“Again? I am still trying to get over the last hangover”
She looks in his brown eyes and scratches the grey patches in his beard.
“No worries, greybeard. I will protect you against the powers of the vodka.”
He sighed and hits her with a nearby pillow.
“Silly girl.”

His words conjure a big smile on her face. Slowly she drops her head against his chest and together they stare at the television. The horrible, but populair, band has disappeared from the screen and made place for some older videoclips.
He raises his hand and points at the television.
“Hey, that is cool. I have seen those guys live.”
“Hmm? Who are they?”
“Come on! They were super famous when I was a teenager.”
“Must have been before I was born.”
He lets out a long sigh and takes the remote from her hand.
“Could you…could you please stop saying that?”
Annoyed she looked at the stolen remote control and then back at his emotionless face.
“Just, stop making me feel old.”
“Oh well, excuse me. I was just saying…”
“Just don’t.” he interrupted
She sits up and turns her head to face him better..
“You are overreacting. I am not saying that you are old. Jesus, take a chill pill.”
“Take a chill pill? Ahh, why can’t you…just…just..”
“Just what?”
“Just act as an adult?
“What? I am 23 years old. I can’t help it that you are going through your midlife crisis!”
“You are doing it again!”
She jumps up from the couch. Her long brown hair bounces up, while she turns towards her boyfriend again. A thunderstorm is moving over her face. An angry thunderstorm.
“Jesus, what the fuck is your problem? If you really hate the age difference between us, then why are you here? You knew my age when you picked me up in that bar two years ago. For fuck sake. You fucking sound like my parents.”
She kicks the couch. It did not deserve the random act of violence, but she couldn’t help it. A loud sound filled the living room. The vase on the table next to the couch shatters. A big puddle of water gets absorbed by the grey carpet on the floor. It is silent for a while. Slowly he rises from the couch. He looks in her tearful dark eyes and gently touches her cheek with his right hand.

“Sorry, I overreacted” he whispers.
A wry smile meets his grey eyes.
“You are in your mid thirties. That is not old, stupid. Because you know what?”
His confused look meets her smile.
“You are as old as the one you fuck.”
He smiles and kisses her.
“23 it is then.”




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