Short story: Toast at first sight

Soft music can be heard, echoing through the aisles. The young man in the supermarket tried to pinpoint the artist of the song. He couldn’t quite remember. Probably some 90s pop star who never made another song after that. He closed his eyes and shook his head a little. Focus, you are in need for food, because you are the idiot who ate everything yesterday. He looked around and tried to ignore all the other people. The old woman with her walker, who is trying to find the eggs. The small children, who have decided it was time to taste that sweet sweet freedom away from their mother. The mother, who was totally against any idea of freedom for her two angels with devil horns.

He placed half a loaf of bread in his basket. Alright, almost done, so he could escape this madhouse. Now to get some nice stuff to put on a tasty slice of bread. No, wait! Why not toast? Toast is always good. Easy to make and even easier to devour. He smiled and nodded in agreement with his inner monologue. He walked towards the cooling and started to scan the shelves for something that would be great with that toast he had on his mind.

Suddenly he stopped. Did he just bump into someone? Oh no, not today. He sighed. Here we go. Time for that awkward social interaction. He looked next to him and gave wry smile. “Oh, sorry. Wasn’t really paying attention there.”
“No worries. I was also a bit absent minded too.”
Next to him stood a girl, his age. Not one of the demon children. Not the mad mother. And thank the heavens, not the old lady. No, a girl.

Out of reflex he peered into her basket. A salad, some fish and a half a loaf of bread. He couldn’t help but smile. That was a singles meal, without a doubt. He should know as an experienced single man. He shoved his glasses a bit back on his nose.
“Ah, getting the old Omega 3 shots?”
She smiled and nodded.
“Haha, just some fish for tonight.”
Alright, brain. Let’s see where this is going. He laughed nervously.
“That sounds a lot better than what I am getting.”
Her eyebrows frowned a bit and she gave him a curious look.
“Now you got me interested. What are you having?”
He looked in her eyes. A mix of green and brown. No, it was more golden. For a moment time stood still. She was beautiful. Reality came crashing back in. Shit, what am I having?
He thanked his brain for this stupid answer. She looked at him and one of her eyebrows raised a bit higher than the other.
“On toast.” He added as quickly as possible.
“Hummus on toast? Sounds nice.”
He heard his brain scream at him. Idiot, that was the worst pickup line ever. You are making a complete fool out of yourself. Escape now you can. Retreat!
“So, have to move on. Enjoy the fish.”
“Thanks, and enjoy your hummus on toast.”
He walked away but couldn’t help to look back one more time. There she was. Doing an awkward small wave with a lovely smile on her face.

In the back of his mind he heard that same soft music again. It has been a week since he met her, but he thought about her every single day. No, almost every minute. He felt sick. Sick with a teenager disease. It felt as if his heart would leap out of his chest at any moment. Every time when he closed his eyes, he saw her smile again. A long sigh escaped from his body. There he was again. Getting more hummus. Stupid hummus.
He grabbed a package, but felt it slip out of his hand. Before he could do anything the package fell on the ground. He sighed again. Great! He kneeled to pick up the hummus, but was met with two shoes. Confused he looked up and stared into her familiar golden eyes.  She smiled at him, brushed a lost lock of hair out of her face, and offered him his lost package of hummus..

“Care for some hummus on toast at my place?”




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